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Calling Romania? Use Alonia, not Skype!

2009 August 28
by stefann

I recently became acquianted with Alonia (, an IM client and VoIP softphone.  On the IM side it can interoperate with the MSN and Yahoo networks.  The part the impressed me however is the VoIP softphone (calling phones).  It’s unimaginably cheaper than Skype.  Calling mobile phone numbers costs €0.06/min or about $0.09/min instead of $0.29/min which Skype charges (among others because it’s written by a Romanian VoIP provider which has great interop deals with the local mobile operators).

One feature Alonia has which I have yet to see in other softphones is, it recognizes when the caller’s mobile phone is switched off or unreachable and it pops up a message box telling you it can’t reach the caller rather that charging you for a full minute just to find out this info.  Skype is very dissapointing in this regard. Not only do they not have the feature, but they charge you more than a full minute when you get someone’s voicemail for instance ($0.06 instead of the regular $0.02 for US phone numbers for instance).

Use Alonia!

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