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Projects / Papers

MileLogr integrates with digital calendars like Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, and many others to create mileage logs for taxes, expense reports, and timesheets. Mileage logs generated by MileLogr are more detailed and accurate than current formats submitted to IRS because they include details like business purpose, participants, and time traveled which decrease risk in case of audits.

MileLogr finds business related appointments on the user digital calendar and uses mapping services to determine the route travelled to and from these appointments, generating a log of the business miles traveled. MileLogr can generate logs retroactively for any period of time in the past where digital calendar entries are present. Unlike other tools, MileLogr users do not need to do any additional work to keep track of the business miles they travel because they already created calendar entries for their business appointments.

Launched in 2010 with the goal of helping entrepreneurs across the world easily acquaint themselves with their local ecosystems in a deep way. Mission is to work with entrepreneurial communities in every city in the world to make the Startup Genome a hub for quickly getting access to the richest information and metadata available on any given entrepreneurial ecosystem. We also will be displaying this information in creative ways like visualizing your ecosystem orchestrally via maps and other creative visualizations is what we’re after.

RoREN (The Real Estate Network)

RoREN provides business networking opportunities and builds specialized tools for real estate professionals. Business networking is facilitated both online and in the real-world through workshops, partner meetings, site visits, etc. Tools include ERP (listing and transaction management), CRM, and MLS.

Metropolitan Cloud

Outsource IT, server, app management to a FAST LOCAL datacenter / Devilnet

MyDuke is a comprehensive collection of electronic services like Web mail and classifieds serving the entire 25,000 student, staff, and faculty of Duke University.

Clever Laundry Room

Clever Laundry Room is a solution for electronically monitoring the status of washer and dryer machines in laundry rooms across a university campus.  The need for such a monitoring solution is prompted by the dynamic aspects of students’ lives. There seems to be a pattern for doing one’s laundry such that minima and maxima in work loads are very far apart.  When the laundry room is busy it makes for an interesting balancing act as one forgets to move one’s clothes from the washer to the dryer for instance. The personal nature of the process makes it awkward to remove another’s clothes from a machine, pile them up in a potentially dirty spot so that one’s clothes can now be washed or dried.


CleverQuant is a computer software modeling tool aware of the specific procedures involved in equity analysis, from data collection to financial modeling and equity valuation.  It is designed to aid financial analysts and researchers by automating the process of gathering input data from disparate sources, and running it through customizable financial models.