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Thanks Lenovo for updating drivers to Win7 for older hardware

2010 January 30
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by stefann

Recently I upgraded my 3.5yr old Thinkpad to Windows 7 and the experience couldn’t have been smoother (and faster).  I’m glad that finally Microsoft and the OEMs figured out the “driver supply chain”.  Windows 7 setup + post-setup Windows Update does a great job of identifying and retrieving the proper drivers.

The big kudos here goes to Lenovo however.  My Thinkpad has an embedded EV-DO modem that connects to Verizon and on which I depend heavily for work while on the road.  It’s made by Sierra Wireless and it’s among the first models that OEMs started embedding in their laptops.  I was concerned I wouldn’t find a driver for it, but Lenovo published an update not just to the driver, but also to their connection manager app so the broadband experience is even better than XP or Vista.

This is more than I can say for HP which on multiple occasions did not publish updated drivers for hardware I own when a new OS was released (the Laserjet 3055 All-in-one comes to mind which hasn’t had drivers for Vista let alone Win 7).   Bad, bad, HP!

Thanks Lenovo!

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